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The South African Journal of Information Management (SAJIM) is an information management journal, aimed to serve as a platform for discussion and debate in this developing field. The journal seeks to create new paradigms, overcoming traditional information management activities of collect, store and dissemination; seeking to engage, inform, and catalyse scholarly discourse within research and real–world practises.
It focuses on exploring and managing activities that make changes in patterns of behaviour of customers, people, organisations, and information that leads to changes in the way people use information to engage in knowledge focussed activities. The journal crosses and affects various disciplinary (academic, business and financial) arenas, to promote information management processes (Innovations in information, knowledge and content management) which are critical to the survival and growth of organisations and people.


Editorial Policy

Complete information on the instructions for authors; types of articles received for publication; preparing a manuscript and submission to SAJIM and the online submission process is placed on the journal’s main website: Author Guidelines.


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