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Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae

On-line version ISSN 2412-4265
Print version ISSN 1017-0499

Studia Hist. Ecc. vol.34  suppl.1 Pretoria Apr. 2008


The marginalisation of women in the African Initiated Churches in South Africa, 1882 to 2006



Victor Molobi

Research Institute for Theology and Religion, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa




This article contributes to the continuing debate on gender equity in the African Initiated Churches (AICs) and their leadership, emphasising the united stand taken by women of the Zionist and Apostolic wings of the AICs. The marginalisation of women and patriarchy in the AICs is thus examined from the Zionist and Apostolic perspective. Women in the AICs have initiated and established their own churches, which has established a foundation from which to interrogate male dominance in the Church and seek better approaches that accommodate women. Contributions from men are welcomed, provided these are made in support of women.



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For the purposes of this article, reference is made to the following three interviews only:        [ Links ]

Advocate Molly Malete of the United Reformed Church, Atteridgeville. 2008.         [ Links ]

Statement to author, 13 January.         [ Links ]

Prophetess Dlamini of the Messengers Apostolic Church in Zion, Atteridgeville. 1994. Statement to author, 2 October.         [ Links ]

Prophetess Maeko of the Saint Mathew Morning Star Church, Mamelodi. 1994. Statement to author, 30 November.         [ Links ]

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