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Verbum et Ecclesia

On-line version ISSN 2074-7705
Print version ISSN 1609-9982

Verbum Eccles. (Online) vol.31 n.1 Pretoria  2010 



'n Johannese perspektief op die huwelik, geslagsrolle en seksualiteit in 'n postmoderne konteks



Elritia le Roux

Departement Ou Testamentiese Wetenskap, Universiteit van Pretoria, Suid-Afrika





The hypothesis offered in this study is that the Johannine texts are authoritative, canononical documents with the inherent potential that is applicable to the practical lives of the faithful. Since Biblical texts are the product of the patriarchal culture within which they originated, a hermeneutic of suspicion becomes essential. In the interaction between the Biblical text and the contemporary context, a creative space is being created which requires a humble attitude from the exegetes to acknowledge the temporary nature of their findings. We need to look past the patriarchal nature and language towards a more inclusive paradigm. The Bible does not bind us to a rigid way of living, but liberates us for the appreciation of the healing power of God's grace in our context. We need to move past stereotypes and to see others through the eyes of Christ. Jesus took a radical stance against the culture of his day. From the beginning of his public ministry, we find in him the tension between his prophetic role and the dominant culture of day. This tension leads to Jesus becoming a marginalised Jew, who stands outside the Jewish inner circle. He does not fit into the conventional social roles of his day. Jesus rather associates himself with the marginalised. This illustrates Jesus' radical commitment to God and his passionate commitment to the truth of the Gospel.

Keywords: onderdrukking; vrou; post-modern; kerk; Afrikaner



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Elritia le Roux
Posbus 149
Kriel 2271

Received: 08 Jan. 2009
Accepted: 16 Nov. 2009
Published: 29 Mar. 2010



Note: Artikel voorgelê ter vervulling van die MA Bybel- en Godsdienskunde in die Fakulteit Geesteswetenskappe aan die Universiteit Pretoria. Die promotor is prof. P. Geyser en mede-promotor prof. D.J. Human

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