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Verbum et Ecclesia

On-line version ISSN 2074-7705
Print version ISSN 1609-9982

Verbum Eccles. (Online) vol.31 n.1 Pretoria  2010 



Postorale begeleiding van die geestelik verwonde persoon


Pastoral counselling for spiritually wounded people



Wentzel Coetzer

Skool vir Kerkwetenskappe, Potchefstroomkampus, Noordwes-Universiteit, Potchefstroom, Suid-Afrika





On the one hand, religion could fulfil an edifying and enriching role; on the other, it could be destructive and devastating if it uses unethical, manipulating and controlling techniques and coercive measures to promote the goals of a leader or a system. Insecurity and doubt regarding a person's own competence and worth flowing from painful events in the past tend to make people vulnerable. Often, spiritual wounds lead to a warped image of God; a warped self-identity as a Christian; intense pain in family relationships; overwhelming feelings of disillusionment; problems with personal borders; a lack of basic life skills; a lack of trust and purpose in life, as well as fluctuating phases of opposite emotions, like depression, anger and joy. Once denial has been overcome, counselling towards healing can start. Such counselling should primarily focus on joining a support group, spiritual healing, healing with regard to habits of thought, social recovery as well as physical healing.

Keywords: godsdienstige misbruik; geestelike verwonding; emosionele verwonding; geestelik afknouerige stelsel



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Wentzel Coetzer
Posbus 19320
Noordbrug 2522

Received: 05 Nov. 2009
Accepted: 07 June 2010
Published: 31 Aug. 2010

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