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In die Skriflig

On-line version ISSN 2305-0853
Print version ISSN 1018-6441

In Skriflig (Online) vol.44 n.1 Pretoria Jan. 2010




Enkele aspekte met betrekking tot die gereformeerde erediens en kerklied in 'n multikulturele Suid-Afrika


A few aspects regarding the reformed worship service and liturgical song in a multicultural South Africa



E.J. Smit

Vakgroep Teologie, Vaaldriehoekkampus, Noordwes-Universiteit, VANDERBIJLPARK, Gereformeerde Kerk Vanderbijlpark Trinitas. E-pos:




Die erediens kry beslag binne 'n spesifieke kultuur. Omdat kulture gedurig besig is om te verander en te ontwikkel, sal die kerk in ook sy eredienste voortdurend te staan kom voor verandering. In 'n postapartheid Suid-Afrika met sy verskeidenheid kulture, sal die gereformeerde kerke toenemend moet rekening hou met die werklikhede en kwessies van 'n multikulturele konteks. Wanneer in hierdie opsig gefokus word op een van die belangrike handelinge in die gereformeerde erediens, naamlik die kerklied, kom fassinerende aspekte na vore. Dit toon aan dat die gereformeerde kerke inderdaad gekonfronteer word met besondere uitdagings. In die kerklied gee die Here sy kerk 'n uitnemende gawe waarmee hierdie uitdagings aangepak kan word. Wanneer dit op die regte Bybelse wyse hanteer word, word die realiteit van 'n multikulturele konteks 'n geleentheid om in die wêreld getuienis te lewer van die vergifnis en versoening deur Jesus Christus.

Kernbegrippe: gereformeerde erediens, gereformeerde kerklied, kultuur, multikulturele konteks


Worship originates within a specific culture. Because cultures are constantly changing and developing, the church also has to deal with change in its worship services. In postapartheid South Africa, with its variety of cultures, the reformed churches will increasingly have to take cognisance of the realities and issues brought about by its multicultural context. When focusing in this regard on one of the important acts in reformed worship, namely the liturgical song, some fascinating issues present themselves. It shows that the reformed churches in South Africa are indeed facing exceptional challenges. In the liturgical song God affords his church the perfect gift with which these challenges can be met. If handled in the Biblical way, the reality of a multicultural context becomes an opportunity to witness to the world the forgiveness and reconciliation through Jesus Christ.

Key concepts: culture, multicultural context, reformed liturgical song, reformed worship service



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