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De Jure is a general law journal, accredited by the Department of Education. It publishes original research concerned with the development and dissemination of cutting–edge legal research, both national and international. The scope of the journal is wide and supports legal academics, practitioners and scholars.

The Journal was originally published from 1968 as Scintilla Juris (South Africa) and has been systematically built up from its humble beginnings by dedicated academics in the Faculty of Law of the University of Pretoria. In 1973 the title changed to De Jure. The Journal was originally a subscription based, hard copy, journal. From 2009 LexisNexis, the former publishers, have made a pdf version of the journal available to all subscribers on My LexisNexis. Since 2011 the Pretoria University Law Press has made a pdf version of the journal available on open access.

The journal publishes one volume a year with articles published as they are ready, i.e. on a continuous basis.

The journal’s abbreviated key title is De Jure..

The readership is legal academics, practitioners and scholars.


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